Aloha my loves...


Life is confounding.

It’s hard enough putting on your corset and choosing the right rollers for the perfect ‘set’ every morning without  the extra hassle of interacting with other confused humans, animals, electronic devices and random greenery when you spring off  the patio to take on the day (or night).

Well hello, I’m Minxie and I’m here to help.

I specialise in unravelling the mysteries of modern romance and etiquette. I have a flair also for magically removing creative blocks concerning interior design, fashion and garden ornamentation.

If you feel like a Befuddled Betty or Confused Crispin, send me a little note (aka email) because two beautifully coiffed heads are better than one.

I’ve settled into the parlour, the wireless is on, my feet are up and my lovely new Man Friend has mixed me a Fluffy Duck.

I’m in the zone ... so fire away.